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She is a tigress when it comes to pleasure. Her love skills are adventurous, innovative and full of ultimate pleasure. You would love to go for her again and again once you spend one night with Louise.
She is fabulous to look at. She is blonde with natural curves, long legs and well rounded bosom. She is expert in whole body kissing, bath tub loving, massage, playing erotic games like bondage, strip/poker, force sex situation, blind folding or making love as shown from your favorite Hollywood movie. In the end, she opens herself like a flower to let you inside in. agencia de acompañantes de Madrid She likes giving you orgasm through KS and missionary positions. She is fantastic in oral job too.
She can also be your hot girlfriend if you desire her to be. Her favorite hangout place is discotheques where she will drive you crazy through her erotic dance moves.
Please call us or drop an email to get a date with Louise. She is one hot blonde whom you would get extremely fond off.

My sex story

My First Night

I have just joined escort profession and honestly speaking, not so experienced in pleasing men. I joined this profession just for fun and to take care of my expenses.  Like most escorts, I also remember my first night as a Call girl.
 I was highly nervous and constantly thinking how my client would look like. Some escort girls had told me about their terrible experience in first night. Knowing from them, I was terribly nervous about my experience with new customer.
 Thanks to my lucky stars, my customer turned out to be a cute 22 year old guy who wanted to celebrate his first job by spending some romantic moments with me. The guy had curly hair, slim body, wore specs and had cute dimples when he smiled.
 The guy booked me for whole night as a girlfriend.  We celebrated his success by going out to museums, art galleries and finally having a dinner in a restaurant. Then, I invited him to my apartment. As I closed my apartment door, I removed my long black skirt and stood in hot lingerie in front of him. He too took off his clothes and was in his underwear.
 We smiled and admired each other naked bodies for some minutes. Then, he lifted me up and took me to bed.  He lay down on top of me, looking deep into my eyes; he strolled my hair and started kissing me on my lips. He seems to me an experienced person, the way he move his tongue inside my mouth.  We kept on kissing for five minutes, and then he put his lips on my neck. I really enjoyed and closed my eyes when his lips moved all over my neck.  My vagina also started becoming moist too.
 From neck, he attacked my delicate tits. He kissed them feverishly moving from one breast to another within 10 seconds. I had tears in my eyes when he bit my breasts. Soon, my nipples were hard erected and were swollen with his hard kisses.  I really thanked God when he moved away from my delicate tits to navel area. He moved his tongue all over my navel and finally put his mouth inside my cunt.
 I screamed to my full voice when he rotated his tongue on my vagina. In excitement, I scratch his back too.  He kept on rotating his tongue till my vagina becomes completely wet. Soon, I experienced my first real orgasms in life. We took a 5 minutes break before moving to next sexual encounter. He turned me upside down, lifted my legs so that my pussy would be wide open and inserted his cock inside me. While I closed my eyes, enjoyed the moment, he rotated his cock gently inside my pussy.  While fucking, he also kissed my delicate back too.  After some time, he ejaculated in my body and lay down beside me in bed. 
 In morning, he went away thanking me for giving best night of his life. But, truly, it was him who deserves thanks from me for making me a woman and bringing confidence in me as an escort girl. I send flowers to his apartment for spending some beautiful time with me and requested him to visit me again. He promised me to visit me again in New Year and I am eagerly waiting for him.

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